This example demonstrates two key concepts used in the Census Module of the CitySDK: sublevels and normalization.


Specifying a sublevel allows you to enter a location (such as State) and get values that are one level below (i.e. County). This is helpful because it's not always obvious how to specify the sublevels when making an API call, as you wouldn't normally memorize county names.


Some data from the Census American Community Survey (ACS) provide a return value in a special unit of measure that is averaged out across the population. In this case, Commuting data can be returned in a normalized fashion which equates to "avg minutes of commute per person".

1. Select Location

Number - The latitude of the requested location (North). Also supported: latitude, y
Number - The longitude of the requested location (East). Also supported: longitude, x

String - The 2-letter USPS state code. It will be converted into the latitude and longitude of that state's capital.

Some common co-ordinates:
Name Lat (N) Lng (E)
Washington DC 38.9047 -77.0164
Seattle 47.6097 -122.3331
Honolulu 21.3000 -157.8167
Miami 25.7753 -80.2089
Houston 29.7604 -95.3698

2. Select Desired Variables

3. How Will The Data Be Grouped?

4. Submit

Get the Data

The Request


The Returned Data



                            var sdk = new CitySDK();
                            var census = sdk.modules.census;
                            census.enable("Your API Key Here");

                            var request = ;

                            census.APIRequest(request, function (response) {

                            //Outputs the raw JSON text


Note: This sample code snippet does not depict normalization.